Saturday, August 16, 2008

Seamus Heaney. The new Joe Dolan

On my travels recently I noticed a very large contingent of ladies present to see Seamus Heaney reading his poetry at Listowel Writer`s Week: I noticed that a number of them weren`t really listening... rather, gazing fondly in his general direction with a misty look in their eyes.

This week Seamus visited Sligo for the Yeats Summer School and as I was exhibiting the "Yeats in Love" art in the theatre (trying to annoy the Yeats committee- again-) I remarked to a couple of the ladies in the box office that there was once again a large contingent of "Mature Ladies" in attendance; not only were they there but there was a considerable amount of fawning and cooing going on when big Seamus arrived.

"What`s the story with all these women slobbering all over Seamus Heaney?"
"Well, you know, Joe Dolan is dead now..."
"So... what you`re saying is Seamus Heaney is the new Joe Dolan?"
"Precisely. Look at him. Sexy beast..."
I spent the rest of the evening pondering whether or not to fling my knickers in his direction, yelling: " Gimme some syntax, big boy! Show us yer iambic pentameter!"


Fiona Hanley said...

You totally should have.

Colm D said...

a face hewn from granite - I can see an Annie West image of Ireland as Easter Island, covered in Heaneyesque statues ?