Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yeats in Love

"Yeats in Love" opens at the 101 Talbot, Dublin. A series of limited edition prints depicting Yeats as a nerdy, whiny, lovesick poet who allegedly proposed to Maud Gonne at least four times before throwing in the towel and waiting until her daughter was old enough to try for. Eeeeu.
Senator David Norris was the guest of honour and delivered a ripping speech, confirming nearly all of the not very charitable opinions I have had about Yeats, Lissadell and all of it. It is reassuring to know that it is unlikely I will be escorted to the boundary of Sligo County with my backside on fire for daring to show Yeats in this way. Ambassador Tom Foley attended complete with "a bit of Security"; my son Bob rushed over to me in the middle of proceedings and announced "Mum! There`s guys outside packin`heat!". Just what you need really at an exhibition opening.
The exhibition later in the Summer moved Northwest to Sligo where Michael D. Higgins TD delivered another cracking opening speech and left many students of the Yeats Summer School in stitches; quite an achievement.
I still wonder about the whole Yeats and Sligo thing: he wasn`t born here, he didn`t live here... and we all know he isn`t buried here. The skinny around Drumcliffe at the burial was that it was just some poor French soldier.

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